Best Filterless Air Purifier For Your Home

Interior air purification systems have gone through an incredible evolution in the past 50 years. From standard hog’s hair and microfiber screens and forced-air vents, to HEPA filtration; nothing seems to be completely effective.

The next evolution in interior air filtration uses atomization and ionization science to quietly, completely and economically filter the air. A filterless air purifier is known as an environmental air sanitization system. With this freestanding style of purification, it is now possible to cleanse and freshen the air of a 7000 sq ft space with only about 40 Watts of continuous energy expenditure.

The same science that delivers this type of efficiency also eliminates the need to change a filthy filter—ever! Light ionization extracts the properties from the air which cause staleness, stuffiness, odors and allergic reactions. Standard filters only screen debris. Environmental sanitizers change the composition of the air particles themselves.